Month: February 2020

Courtney Cutchins

We offer specialized vocal coaching and voice lessons in singing & speech, songwriting and creativity. We provide a fully-customized, holistic and heart-centered experience based on science, intuition and imagination – helping you fuel your creative spark and use your voice with greater freedom and power.

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Ashlyn Stallings

AWP has been around for almost 40 years and we pride ourselves and bringing the performing arts to all! As a nonprofit, we provide scholarship opportunities to kids, teens and adults from all walks of life. The company provides professional training with an emphasis on being good and empathetic human beings. Art can change the world.

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Shana Bowes

I love nostalgia. I always miss the past. I’ve worked in real estate for over 20 years – both in NYC and GA. I’ve seen neighborhoods change, grow and completely disappear. I feel it’s important to keep the memories alive of locations and communities throughout the years. It’s what makes old communities rebound and new ones prosper.

The common thread throughout my work is “locality”.
lo·cal·i·ty (noun):

​1. The fact or condition of having a location in space or time
2. An area or neighborhood, especially as regarded as a place occupied by certain people or as the scene of particular activities.

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