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Roswell's Interactive Public Art Map

Below is an interactive map of the Public Art you will find around Roswell, GA.   

In the upper left corner click on the white box with the arrow to see a complete list of the art. 
 Filter by type or view them all!  Click on the individual names for more information. 

This map is constantly growing.  Do you see something missing?   
Email a picture, map coordinates of location and title to admin@roswellartsfund.org 

What is a Public Art Master Plan?

Public art helps to define a city by honoring its history, celebrating its culture, and creating rich experiences for residents and visitors alike. Art activates spaces and invigorates commerce—and brings smiles and inspiration to folks of all ages, day in and day out.

Roswell Arts Fund was contracted by the City of Roswell to develop a strategic plan and community-wide vision for how public art can be integrated into the framework of the city of Roswell.